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Our seasoned Management and Implementation Teams have worked together at Montrose Travel for over a decade. What other travel-related loyalty company can say that?

Joe McClure President
  1. 27 Years in Travel
  2. 27 Years at Montrose Travel
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Julie McClure Cheif Financial Officer
  1. 26 Years in Travel
  2. 26 Years at Montrose Travel
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Andi McClure-Mysza Head of MTravel
  1. 26 Years in Travel
  2. 26 Years at Montrose Travel
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Jamie Hoff Director of Client Services, Loyalty Division
  1. 23 Years in Travel
  2. 21 Years at Montrose Travel
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Chris Martin Director, Marketing & Application Development
  1. 17 Years in Marketing
  2. 4 Years at Montrose Travel
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Moumene Hamadi Director of Application Architecture
  1. 17 Years in Travel
  2. 15 Years at Montrose Travel
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Kathy Nolan Director, Accounting
  1. 19 Years in Travel
  2. 14 Years at Montrose Travel
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Donna Wiley Director, Process Development & Quality Assurance
  1. 33 Years in Travel
  2. 20 Years at Montrose Travel
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Melissa Murray Manager, Supplier Relations
  1. 20 Years in Travel
  2. 5 Years at Montrose Travel
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Melissa Truskett Manager of Operations, Group/Meeting/Incentive Division
  1. 21 Years in Travel
  2. 21 Years at Montrose Travel
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Kate Morad Manager, Training & Agent Development
  1. 27 Years in Travel
  2. 26 Years at Montrose Travel
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Andrew Schroeder Manager, Process Development & Quality Assurance
  1. 20 Years in Travel
  2. 20 Years in Montrose Travel
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Greg Shirey General Manager Loyalty Division Operations
  1. 24 Years in Travel
  2. 3 Years at Montrose Travel
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Daren Autry Manager, Leisure & Romance Division Operations
  1. 9 Years in Travel
  2. 9 Years at Montrose Travel
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Norman Napper Rogers Manager, Business Process Improvement
  1. 19 Years in Travel
  2. 1 Year at Montrose Travel
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Nancy Bland Key Account Manager, Groups/Meetings/Incentives
  1. 45 Years in Travel
  2. 42 Years at Montrose Travel
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Igor Guman Manager, Dispatch and Sr Database Report Writer & Analyst, Accounting
  1. 15 Years in Travel
  2. 15 Years at Montrose Travel
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Tony Keith Security Specialist
  1. 15 Years in Travel
  2. 2 Years at Montrose Travel
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Joe McClure and his team have built a small mom-and-pop travel agency into a powerful global travel management company, now ranked as one of the largest in the United States. After earning his BS from California State University, Northridge and his MBA in Marketing and Finance from the University of Southern California, Joe worked in Finance for the Coca-Cola Company and in Product Management for the Dole Packaged Foods Company. Joe's wife, Julie, is the CFO of Montrose Travel. They have two beautiful children, Marissa and Joey IV.

After graduating from high school on the beautiful island of Maui, Julie ventured to Loyola Marymount University to get her BS. Julie has been with Montrose Travel since 1989 and has two beautiful children and one challenging husband.

Andi began her career in the travel business by being introduced to the brochure room annual cleaning process at a young age! Prior to joining Montrose Travel as an adult, she received her BS in Marketing at California State University, Northridge and her MBA in Marketing and Finance from the University of Southern California. Upon graduation, she worked at Hunt-Wesson Foods as the Product Manager of Peter Pan Peanut Butter, followed by several years at the Kellogg Company managing several large cereal brands, including Frosted Flakes. Andi currently oversees our award-winning MTravel Hosting Services business for independent travel professionals. She and her husband, Dave, are the proud parents of Jessica, David and one cute cat, Benjy.

Jamie joined Montrose Travel in 1995 and has been a leader throughout the company. After having success in both our Leisure and Corporate Divisions, she was promoted in 2000 as Head of Sales and Marketing. With a track record of accomplishments, in 2005 Jamie was hand-picked to own the relationships of Montrose Travel's largest Loyalty clients. In her new role, her never-ending work ethic earned her the respect of some of the biggest loyalty executives in the country. Jamie has been instrumental in helping grow Montrose Travel's Loyalty Solutions business into a national leader.

Born and raised in Algeria, Moumene completed his degree in Electrical Engineering/Telecommunication from the National Institute of Electricity and Electronics, Algeria, in June 1994. Post-graduation, Moumene relocated to the United States to further his career. It wasn't long before AIR4LESS.com, a division of Montrose Travel, discovered Moumene and snatched him off the market. After working as a successful travel professional until 1998, Moumene was promoted to help design, program and develop AIR4LESS.com's Desktop, Point of Sale, Quality Control and Automated Ticketing applications.

After completing his work with AIR4LESS.com, Moumene joined Montrose Travel as a lead developer, helping to build the company's many websites. In July of 2007, Moumene was promoted to manage Montrose Travel's entire website design and development group.

Kathy graduated from the University of Santa Barbara in 1997. Post graduation, she moved to Northern California where she worked as an Accounting Operations Supervisor for a travel company located in the Silicon Valley. Kathy and her husband, Scott, moved back to Southern California in June 2000 to be closer to family. In July 2002, Kathy joined Montrose Travel as the Manager of Accounting. She enjoys a good challenge in her job and strives to automate the processes of accounting. Her favorite part of her job is seeing projects that will improve efficiencies and results come to completion.

Kathy and Scott are the proud parents of two tenacious, outgoing boys, JJ and Lucas. Kathy enjoys staying active and playing sports with her sons.

Donna began her career as a travel agent in Washington D.C. in 1982, with the desire to "see the world." The sun and the fun of California brought her to Los Angeles in 1989, where she has worked in various positions for some of the key travel agencies in the area. Since joining Montrose Travel in 1997 as the Manager of the Offline Automation Department, Donna's responsibilities target offline technology, including quality control and all agent-facing applications and automated process efficiencies.

In November 2010, Donna was promoted to Director of the department, which was renamed the Process Development and Quality Assurance Department.

Chris joined Montrose Travel in 2012 to lead the Marketing department. He spearheads the systems development needed to deliver relevant, personalized customer experiences for Loyalty customers, as well as the acquisition of content and special offers to help build truly distinctive Loyalty programs for clients. Having an entrepreneurial background outside of the travel industry, Chris brings a diverse range of cross-functional experience to the company. He previously served as Chief Operating and Marketing Officer of an entertainment company under the Universal Music Group umbrella. He has coordinated national marketing campaigns for both new and established Grammy-winning music artists; formed alliances with TV networks including Fox Broadcasting, MTV, and Univision and lead publicity campaigns that garnered exposure in The New York Times, Billboard, Village Voice, Today Show New York, and more. Chris has also lead private investment rounds, raising over $5 million in equity funding. Concurrent with his former position, he served as a marketing consultant to companies in film & television, music distribution, consumer goods and fine dining. He is a graduate of the University of Southern California's Marshall School of Business.

Melissa began her career in the travel industry in reservations for Qantas Vacations and then moved into airline database management. She then spent 12 years with Brendan Vacations holding positions in the ticketing department as Manager for their Air Consolidation division and in Marketing as Manager for Partner Relationships. Her current position is Supplier Relations Manager for CTM North America. She and her husband Justin, have a son, Trent, and boy/girl twins, Devan & Tatum.

Kate began her travel career with Delta Airlines as a gate agent at Burbank Airport. She wanted to become more involved with the traveler's decision-making process and Montrose Travel gave her that opportunity in 1989. Kate started as an assistant (trainee) and worked her way up to handling worldwide vacations. In January of 1998, Kate realized her dream of developing a Honeymoon Division. In July of 2003, she became Manager of the Leisure Division. In August of 2012, understanding the need for strong agent training, Kate utilized the knowledge she gained to join the Training and Development Team. She embraced this new venture, and now works with all divisions of Montrose Travel.

Daren joined Montrose Travel in 2007 looking for his niche in the travel industry. He initially began in our Agent Process and Customer Support Department. With a fervent and competitive spirit, and a desire to learn the business, Daren quickly rose to leadership within the department. Shortly thereafter, Daren became a Supervisor in our Leisure Division. Daren’s competitive nature and lack of complacency consistently exemplified significant change and growth. This led him to his increased present-day responsibilities as Operations Manager. His zeal to lead the division to success has earned him travAlliance's "Rising Star" award as one of the industry's top young professionals under age 35. His dedication and passion for operational excellence is a driving force behind our Vacation Division's goal of delivering a customer-friendly, memorable and reliable product from start to finish.

Greg, General Manager of Loyalty Operations, is a travel management professional with extensive experience in all facets of the travel industry with multi-call center experience. His global experience includes all aspects of travel: air, hotel, cruise, and rail. He joined the Montrose Travel Loyalty Division in 2013 and has helped grow the business into what it is today.

Tony Keith, Security Specialist, is CISSP certified and has more than 20 years experience in project/personnel management and 15 years of software development. With 14 years as Technology Director and as CTO of several online payment gateways, this provided him the experience and background in online payments and system security focused around PCI-DSS.

Melissa joined Montrose Travel in 1996 after working in retail for 10 years, the majority of which was spent at Nordstrom.

Deciding to make her love of travel a career, she began her tenure at Montrose Travel as a Leisure Division assistant. After a short time she moved to the Groups/Meetings/Incentives Division, where she found her true calling. Within a year she was promoted to Group Coordinator, which led to her becoming the Lead Agent in the Group Division. In July of 2003, she was promoted to Supervisor of the division. Soon after, in January of 2004 she was promoted to Manager of the Groups/Meetings/Incentives Division and has grown the division while maintaining its excellent customer service.

Melissa achieved Top Performer status at Montrose Travel multiple times, qualifying for the company’s annual President’s Club 10 times, most recently for her performance in 2016.

Melissa was also recognized in 2016 by The American Society of Travel Agents for her work with displaced families. Melissa spearheaded Montrose Travel’s team of 30 agents and countless support staff and relocated over 1000 families, multiple times, due to a natural gas leak in her community.

Dedicated to recognizing "a travel agent who has gone the extra mile to provide exceptional service in a new and creative way that goes above and beyond the normal course of business"; the annual Extra Mile award, previously referred to as Travel Agent of the Year, is a highly sought after commendation among the thousands of travel agents & agencies associated with ASTA.

Nancy graduated from Woodbury University with a Bachelor of Science in Professional Arts, specializing in Interior Design. She had her own interior design company for a year, but decided to pursue her love of travel and began working in the travel industry in 1972. Three years later, Nancy joined Montrose Travel, where she has held many positions for almost four decades. However, her true passion has been working with groups. She started the Groups/Meetings/Incentive Division and was the Manager of that division until she semi-retired in 2003. Realizing that retirement was not for her, she returned full-time in 2006 as the Group Division's Business Development Manager/Key Account Manager. Occasionally, Nancy takes advantage of her interior design training when she puts on her meeting planner hat; those floor plans are a breeze with her background. She was one of the first travel agents in the world to be awarded the title Master Cruise Counselor and having sailed on over 200 cruises, Nancy is truly a cruise expert. She and her husband have a daughter, three granddaughters, two miniature dachshunds and two black cats.

Born and raised in Slovakia, Igor obtained his diploma in Hotel & Catering studies and postgraduate certification in Accounting and Information Technology at Hotel Academy. He left Slovakia in 1996 to find better career opportunities and settled in London for six and a half years, where he ran his own employment agency.

In 2002, Igor accepted temporary positions with Montrose Travel as the Dispatch Supervisor, and then served as the Marketing and Product Specialist in our Commercial Division. In 2004, Igor returned to a permanent designation as the Dispatch Supervisor. His strong organizational and cost control skills ensure the highest level of customer service in the all-important document delivery and direct mail portion of our business.

In December 2010, Igor was promoted to Manager of the Dispatch Department. He has done a remarkable job of managing and streamlining the incredible amount of inbound and outbound mail generated daily, managing the company's multi-million dollar credit card reward programs and its start-to-finish online/offline orders fulfillment. Igor also supports the past-due commission collection efforts.

Since February 2016, Igor’s primary focus is spending much of his time writing and optimizing database based financial reports to help many of our divisions to operate more efficiently and analyze their data as our Sr Database Report Writer & Analyst.

Norman graduated high school in Cranston, RI in 1990, and immediately enlisted in the US Army as a Military Police Officer. He served 6 years active duty and was honorably discharged in 1996 after a successful enlistment. Norman started his career in travel in 1998 working for RezSolutions Inc. in Providence, RI. There he booked hotel and vacation reservations for Fairmont Hotels and Resorts and Sonesta Beach Resorts and Hotels. After a brief time away, Norman returned to travel in August 2003 as a Certified Travel Consultant working for Carlson Leisure Travel Services, the leisure division of Carlson Companies. There, he achieved membership to Carlson’s Million Dollar Club in 2003 and 2004 before transferring to the Quality Control and Ticketing team to quickly learn the back-office processes of travel. After a year in Quality Control and Ticketing, Norman was promoted to QCX Specialist, where he developed automation for the QC/Ticketing Department. His expertise and self-determination drove him to exceed the position, and he was re-classed as the Business Process Lead where he was personally responsible for developing automation processes to drive revenue and improve customer service. Norman joined Montrose Travel and Corporate Travel Management in February 2017 as the Manager of Business Process Improvement, where he will use his expertise to help improve the company as a whole. Norman and his husband Caleb moved from Providence, Rhode Island to Southern California in March 2017 so he could take this position.

Andrew started his career in travel at AIR4LESS.com, a division of Montrose Travel, in 1997. After being promoted to Lead Agent and then Trainer, he moved to Montrose Travel where he remained Trainer until 2005. Andrew’s understanding of the processes and automation led him to join the Offline Automation Department, where he was eventually promoted to Manager and the department was renamed Process Development and Quality Assurance. He enjoys working with his team to create processes that work from beginning to end and improve the customer and agent experience. Andrew and his wife Sarah are the proud parents of two boys, Evan and Wyatt.

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The Airlines Reporting Corporation is an airline-owned company offering travel products and services, ticket distribution and settlement through a variety of channels in the United States, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. ARC is the information hub of the $85 billion travel industry.


Association of Retail Travel Agents - Designed to be the one-stop resource for professional travel retailers, ARTA has agent tools, columns and articles on selling travel and the travel business.


American Society of Travel Agents is the world's largest association of travel professionals. Their 20,000-plus members include travel agents, tour operators, cruise lines, hotels, car rental companies, etc. They are the leading advocate for travel agents, the travel industry and the traveling public.


Cruise Lines International Association - the official trade organization of the cruise industry, Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) also works in partnership with nearly 17,000 affiliated travel agencies throughout North America to ensure the highest caliber of cruise sales expertise and service for cruise vacationers.

Virtuoso Travel Network

Virtuoso is a network of the best luxury travel agencies with more than 15,200 members worldwide. They represent the best of the best in travel, with an extensive portfolio of preferred partners. Members of the consortium have access to global connections and VIP status with various travel suppliers.


International Air Transport Association - Originally founded in 1919, IATA brings together approximately 265 airlines, including the world's largest. Flights by these airlines comprise more than 95 percent of all international scheduled air traffic.


International Association of Travel Agents Network - IATAN's mission is to promote professionalism, administer meaningful and impartial business standards, and to provide cost-effective products, services and educational programs that benefit the travel industry.


The National Association of Career Travel Agents (NACTA) is the foremost Travel Industry Association dedicated to providing the finest education, training, networking and representation in support of Career Travel Consultants.


The Professional Association of Travel Hosts, Inc. (PATH) is the only travel industry association with a membership comprised of the leading top U.S. Host Agencies. Members adhere to strictly enforced operating standards and business practices.


American Society of Travel Agents - ASTA's Green Program consists of educational and promotional resources that enable travel agents and suppliers to increase their knowledge of travel's impact on the environment and highlight to consumers their commitment to keeping travel an environmentally friendly business.